HHD Software Hex Editor Neo

HHD Software Hex Editor Neo 6.54

Hex Editor Neo is a binary files editing utility for Windows

Hex Editor Neo superior quality file editor, allows you to edit documents from files, volumes, disks, process memory and physical memory. This is the smartest tool to work with multiple operations categorized as Bitwise Operations, Arithmetic Operation, Shift Operation and Case Change Operations. Many integrated features such as Bookmarks, Pattern Coloring, Data Inspector, attributes and many more functions makes your file editing task very easier. With its powerful ‘multiple selection’ feature you can choose numerous contiguous text or data and via its’ Multi Document Environment’ option you can open multiple editor windows. Apart from this you can exchange data between two documents and with Windows Explorer, modify the size of the existing file, encrypt and decrypt the current documents. Moreover you can convert any number form one format to other format via its Base Converter utility. Base converter supports Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, ASCII character, EBCDIC character, Unicode character, Binary, Double, Float formats. To make it excellent from the other editing tools, this new version is upgraded with many effective features. Structure viewer interface is redesigned and now it is supporting pointers, bit fields, enumeration, constant and many more structure definitions.

Padma Pardhy
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  • Structure viewer feature is upgraded
  • You can work with multiple editor windows


  • Free version does not support many features
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